Streamline Update due to Coronavirus COVID-19

With the spread of Coronavirus COVID-19, and announcements from Canadian health officials, Streamline is notifying our customers of three updates, effective immediately.
1. Free diagnostic software for Canadian companies that are critical to keep everything up and running
2.Our service shop remains open
3. Limiting face to face meetings

Doing our part to keeping vital Canadian services up and running.
Streamline is offering for free to Canadian Vital Services: Osiris diagnostic software to keep industrial networks of vital services up and running.

For the duration of this corona crisis, Streamline Process Management, is offering companies that are currently hard at work creating a vaccine or antidote, or companies that are critical to keeping everything running, our newest Diagnostic solution – Osiris as a Software – for free.

Osiris is a diagnostic software that does not require hardware.

It is a powerful software tool that provides diagnostic and predictive maintenance notification. Receiving predictive maintenance notification will be critical to keeping networks up and running.

Osiris runs on: Modbus TCIP, PROFINET and Ethernet IP networks. It will work on PROFIBUS if you have ProfiCore Ultra.

Keeping vital Canadian services up and running, when you are most needed. Please share and forward this message to all who it may seem relevant, so that we as a small company may contribute during this crisis.

Streamline’s service shop remains open
Our service shop is already set up in a way that meets health officials social distancing recommendations.

We maintain an inventory of common parts for service work to turn around repairs ASAP.

In the current environment, if it is not the best use of your team, please contact us if you have instruments that require servicing.

For the foreseeable future, Streamline will be limiting face to face meetings with our customers and suppliers
To do our part in keeping our families, colleagues and customers healthy: Streamline is limiting face-to-face contact with our customers, colleagues, and suppliers.

We are happy to participate in any skype or video conference calls.

We are always available by phone. Do not hesitate to call us whenever you need our support.

As the situation evolves, Streamline will continue to follow the advice of Canadian health officials.

Stay Safe. Stay healthy.