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Endress+Hauser instruments are designed for the toughest situations you can imagine. How do we know? Many of our clients are in the well service and drilling industry. It is one of the harshest environments to work in. Extreme weather and the force of vibrations during drilling are real world tests for the reliability of any instrument. This is where the Endress + Hauser reputation is earned.

We’ve also had a behind he scenes experience with Endress+Hauser. Streamline founder Cam Graham initially worked for Endress+Hauser. Then he became an independent representative for them, specifically servicing the well services and drilling industry.

Cam has been involved in the measurement industry since its inception.


Product Selection

Selecting the right instrument requires an intimate knowledge of the product; knowing its strengths and limitations. We ask lost of questions to make sure we get the right fit for your application first.

Many of our customers have multiple locations. Selection of the right instruments needs to match where it will be used. We work closely with our customers and help their field operations team select the right instrument.

We also make sure we are taking a company wide view. Streamline works to standardized orders across a company, ensuring standardization and reduce inventory of parts.


Heartbeat Technology

Increase production. Reduce costs. Verify your process without an interruption. At one time these items were just a wish list.

With Endress+Hauser Heartbeat Technology, this is now reality. Diagnose, verify and monitor.

  • Diagnose: Instruments with Heartbeat technology can provide continuous diagnostics. This helps maintain plant and project safety.
  • Verify: With the importance of quality control, every verification cycle is documented and archived.
  • Monitor: Through constant monitoring trends emerge, which helps plan maintenance. Your team can plan maintenance as a preventative measure and not due to instrument emergency.

Heartbeat technology is the triple threat to help your project succeed.


Endress+Hauser Training

Streamline offers training on Endress+Hauser instruments with flow, level, temperature, pressure applications.

Please contact us, if you or your team needs training on Endress+Hauser instruments. We can design a program to fit your training needs and budget.