Your operations team has designed a process for your business goal. You have purchased the industrial communication components needed to run the process.

Now the Operations Manager is turning to HR to source training for the team.

Let’s look at the return on your budget that you can expect to receive from training with Streamline.

In the field of industrial automation, there are three components to a process running as scheduled. How your team installs the components. The day-to-day maintenance of the components. As problems come up, the skill set and available tools of your team to diagnose and manage problems effectively.

Companies with inadequately trained team members, put all three elements of the operational design at risk. And that risk, is unscheduled downtime.

Two words which have a large impact on any company’s bottom line. Just ask your CFO.

Product selection, diagnostic tools and properly trained employees, two key factors in minimize unscheduled downtime.

We want your team to be competent in the protocols of the three critical areas: installation, maintenance, and troubleshooting. Our courses are structure to give your team the knowledge and practical skills they need.

If an investment in training eliminates 1-hour of unscheduled productivity, what is the impact on your bottom line?

The combination of the right components with a knowledgeable team is Streamline’s goal for our customers.

We want you to be up and running so you can do what you do best.

  • Keeping their operations going. There is no value when a process is down. In certain industries there is no tolerance to downtime as they are a critical service.
  • They’ve purchased new components and their team will be responsible for installing and maintaining.  They want to reduce the reliance on outside consultants. They know training will reduce the learning curve of their team.
  • To keep company standards high, they want team members to refresh their skills and have international certification.
  • There are new team members who need training on the technologies and protocols used at their company.
  • To stay on the cutting edge of developments and protocols in the field of industrial automation.
  • Your instructor’s credentials are world class. As a certified PROFIBUS DP, PA and PROFINET network engineer he has taught students around the world. Including students in China, Chile, Argentina, Ecuador, USA, Canada, UK, Germany and the Netherlands. With over 20 year of experience with PROFIBUS and 25 years with Industrial ethernet, there isn’t much he hasn’t seen. Recently, he has been working with an international company setting standards in the field of automation. He has been guiding them on production selection and best practices for installation.
  • We keep class sizes small. We’ve learned that a smaller class ensures all students understand the material and can put their new skills it into practice right away.
  • Training is not just theoretical. Students training includes hands on time with a number of different labs.
  • We specialize. This means your team is learning the current best practices specific to their jobs and your operations.

For many of our customers, scheduling training can be difficult. You have team members working on different shifts. You require a “down” window in production for schedule training.

We can customize the training to meet your budget and the topics covered. We can work with you on scheduling training, when your team is available. We’ve provided training in every Canadian province for multi-national companies across a range of industries. For example, food and beverage, logistics, mining, pharmaceutical, oil and gas and the water/waste-water industries.

Contact us to discuss scheduling or customizing a training plan for your team.

  • PROFIBUS Troubleshooting and Maintenance course in combination with Certified PROFIBUS Installers
  • Certified PROFIBUS System Design course
  • PROFINET Troubleshooting and Maintenance course in combination with Certified PROFINET Installer course
  • Certified PROFINET Network Engineers and Installers Course
  • Ethernet/IP Troubleshooting and Maintenance course
  • HART, SIMATIC PDM, PACTware Maintenance Course

Courses available On Demand

  • Certified PROFIBUS DP/PA Network Engineering and Installer course
  • Introduction to Modbus TCP, Ethernet IP and PROFINET (on demand)