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CAN Bus Connectors

CAN Bus connector axial

$US 54.27


EtherMIRROR 10/100

$US 1,090.90
$US 2,709.89
$US 4,359.28
$US 775.13
$US 5,163.28

Distributed fieldbus I/O system

TB20 starter kit, CANopen Slave

$US 773.84
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$US 1,425.02
$US 1,720.09
$US 784.04


ProfiHub B5+R

$US 2,847.47
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Coriolis mass flowmeters

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About Us

Streamline helps our customers select industrial communication and process automation equipment that adds value by:
• Minimizes communication problems by isolating electrical interference.
• Equipment that assists you in troubleshooting problems and minimize your downtime.
• Secures remote access to data.

To select and configure an instrument to stand up to your process; we get to know your process. Most of the products we represent have no moving parts. This provides for longer lasting instruments and it ensures accuracy through out the life of the product.

Streamline has two goals for respecting your budget. First, making sure we pick the right product to suit your process. Being familiar with your process, we know which products are the best fit to your operations and inventory. Second, is selecting products you don’t have to replace before it’s returned on your investment.

We value collaborating with our customers to help improve their business results.

For more than 40 years, we find the right tool to meet both your budget and process requirements.

Bring us your questions about measurement, instruments, and industrial ethernet. We’d love to hear from you!