ComBricks PROFIBUS PA Link – Coupler Module

$ 1,842.50

ComBricks 1 Channel PROFIBUS PA coupler module. The PROFIBUS PA link – Coupler module enables seamless integration to PROFIBUS PA. The module powers the attached devices and forwards telegrams coming from the backplane. The combined internal ProfiTrace and oscilloscope make this product extremely powerful for remote maintenance over Ethernet and the use of asset management tools. -2 position selector switch for link or coupler mode -Basic link mode for bus speeds up to 12Mbps -Coupler mode for bus speeds up to 1.5Mbps (with bus settings) -Integration of ProfiTrace and oscilloscope. -User defined power supply 10…24 VDC for PA segment. -Max current 500 mA on PA segment. -Monitoring function on PA segment from 3rd party couplers/links f device is not powered. Delivered including backplane socket. The ComBricks system enables Ethernet based Remote Maintenance and use of asset management tools.

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