Using Multi Frequency Technology in Well Cementing to Reduce Errors from Entrained Gas

Get lab density performance in the field.

The Q meter is the specialist you need for challenging applications as it comes with patented Multi Frequency Technology (MFT). Check out the video below for a 6-min introduction.

A few of the benefits that we think best help our well cementing customers:

1.  Entrained Gas: An innovative meter design combined with MFT helps to reduce errors from entrained gas, and get to the actual fluid density.

2.  Pressure Drop: Outperforms other manufacturers when comparing pressure drops at required flowrates across the same nominal sizes. Offers highest flowrates at the lowest pressure drops.

3.  Design: The flange face to face is the same as our standard workhorse F series meter. So, if anyone wishes to do a demo the only accommodation to consider is the extended size of the belly.

The Q meter targets at continuously dispersed entrained bubbles that are held in the fluid due to high viscosity or that foam when flowing. One caveat, it is not a solution for large free forming bubbles that can occur in the form of slug or plug flows.

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