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How to troubleshoot your PROFIBUS network with ProfiTrace

Get a full insight into your network and find the fault with one single tool, ProfiTrace. Find out how in this  free Procentec webinar. Instead of spending several days replacing cables and connectors to fix a PROFIBUS fault, industry professionals have long relied on the well-known blue suitcase, ProfiTrace. It is the essential mobile tool […]

The Benefits of Class 2 Master on PROFIBUS

Find out the 3 main benefits of having a Class 2 Master available on your PROFIBUS site. Find out how in this  free Procentec webinar. The Class 2 Master is the device that acts as a supervisor for your entire system and is considered a must-have tool for any technician working on PROFIBUS networks. Understanding […]

New Diagnostic Products Aim High: Full Control of Your Industrial Network

If you work on a PROFIBUS, PROFINET and/or Industrial Ethernet industrial networks this is event on November 17th is for you!  At this all day event, Procentec will release 10 new diagnostic products. Our developer is convinced that its newest bundle of products will generate widespread interest across the industry. “Our latest products will cut […]

Upcoming Webinar: Achieving Maximum reliability on your PROFIBUS network with the help of ComBricks

During this Free Procentec webinar we will introduce ComBricks, our 24/7 monitoring tool, and show you how you can use it to segment your network to make it more robust, allowing you to take control of your network. We will go through the features and functionality of ComBricks that allow you to monitor your network and […]

Upcoming Webinar: Achieving Maximum reliability on PROFINET networks with the help of Osiris (Active & Passive Monitoring)

During this FREE Procentec webinar we will give you an in-depth explanation on how to monitor and troubleshoot your industrial network using the most powerful tool available, Osiris. Our experts will take you through the process step by step explaining all valuable functionalities as they go. Helping you not only to understand this intuitive tool but […]

Webinars: Top ten tips for PROFIBUS and PROFINET networks.

During this difficult time many companies are being forced to work with a limited staff, increasing the risk of downtime and network failure. Streamline and Procentec are committed to supporting you and help keep your networks functioning. Learn our top ten best tips for good maintenance of PROFIBUS and PROFINET networks during our free webinars. […]


At the Hannover Messe Procentec released their EtherTAP as an addition to our Industrial Ethernet product portfolio.   The new EtherTAP brings features that will help you gain even more information about your Industrial Ethernet network. One of these features is advanced insight on what is happening in your network by passive listening. The EtherTAP is […]