Procentec’s Virtual Product Launch (Updated)

Secure your Operational Technology networks and prevent cyber attacks.

For years experts have declared the importance of IT security. The security of Industrial Control System has not received the same discussion. This must change!

Security attacks on Operational Technology (OT) are on the rise. While companies are becoming aware of their vulnerabilities: they still need to bridge the gap between OT and IT.

We can help you bridge the OT-IT gap.

Industrial Cybersecurity is the main theme at Procentec’s Virtual Product Launch.

Join us on Thursday, April 8 for this one-day event full of new products, livestreams, entertainment and more.  

Secure your Operational Technology.

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Find out about:

– Control what software is installed on your decentralized network

– Spot any sudden and potentially critical changes to your devices

– Facilitate the onboarding, training and reassignment of technicians

– Create an effective line of defence against internal and external intrusions

And interviews:

– Procentec CTO Matthew Dulcey and cybersecurity expert Jeremy Butcher (Fox-IT) be interviewed on the difference between IT and OT-security, plus the importance of security in an OT environment.

– Anders Hansson, the CMO of HMS Networks, chat with PROCENTEC CEO Pieter Barendrecht about our valuable partnership and the market opportunities it offers.

Find Procentec’s product catalogue here.

Procentec Virtual Product Launch Replay 2021