WALL IE – Simple and secure network integration

We have the tailor-made solution for easy machine integration: Helmholz Well IE industrial net gateway/firewall.

  • Saving time through automatic translation
  • Smooth production flow through network segmentation
  • High security through access restriction

The NAT operating mode serves the forwarding of the data traffic between various IPv4 networks. It enables the address translation via NAT and uses packet filters for the limitation of access to the automation network located behind.

In the bridge operating mode, WALL IE can also act as layer 2 switch. This is different from conventional switches as packet filtering is also possible. Restriction of access to individual areas of your network can be achieved without having to use different networks for this purpose.

Details include:

  • Low effort for IP integration in higher-level networks (NAT)
  • Integration of series machines with the same IP addresses in the production network
  • NAT (Basic NAT, SNAT, NAPT and port forwarding)
  • Access restriction through packet filters: IPV4 addresses, protocol (TCP/UDP), ports, MAC addresses
  • Reduction of the network load through the filtering of broadcasts and multi-casts
  • Quick and easy configuration via a responsive web interface
  • Easily integrate same IP subnets through port forwarding (NAPT)
  • Reduced to the essential functionality
  • Import and export of the configuration
  • DHCP-Server (LAN) / DHCP-Client (WAN)
  • User administration
  • Space-saving industrial design for DIN rail

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